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Praxeas makes Perfect

Serving our industry for over two decades.

API Integration

Json, XML, C#, HTTP API methods.

Database Administration

Expert services on Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and open source relational database (mySQL, PostregeSQL).

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Web and Mobile based software solutions completely hosted and maintained.

Development Environment


The listing of our past and current projects.

Data Governance (2020-Present)
SQL, Ataccama, Collibra)

MindPath Care Centers

Patient Notes Integration (2019-Present)
API Integration (Raliegh-Durham, NC)


Debt Collection Software (2019-Present)
C# SQL SSIS (team in Jerusalem, Israel)

LHC Group
Duo API - MVC Development (2019-2020)
API Integration for Security Department (Lafayette, LA)


Project Board (2019-Present)
PHP mySQL SaaS (Lafayette, LA)

Wedding Application (2019-Present)
MVC, C#, Bootstrap, SQL, SaaS (Lafayette, LA)

Cathedral Corporation

AdHoc Telerik Reporting(2017-2019)
ASP.NET SQL C# Telerik (Rome, NY)
Vince Comeaux
LCMISS Safety Services Training App(2013-Present)
ASP.NET, C#, SQL (Baton Rouge, LA)

ATC Group Services
MVC Account Collections Application(2018)
MVC ASP.NET, C#, SQL (Lafayette, LA)

City of Naperville
MVC Application Enhancements(2017)
MVC ASP.NET, C#, SQL (Naperville, IL)

West Jefferson Medical Center

Smoking Cessation Database (2016)
ASP.NET SQL C# JQuery (Marrero, LA)


Behavorial-Based Safety Application (2012-2020)
ASP.NET SQL MVC Angular (US and UK based)
Axis Compressor Services

Maintenance Intranet (2011-2020)
ASP.NET SQL C# Angular SaaS (New Iberia, LA)


Maintenance Intranet (2018-2020)
ASP.NET SQL C# Angular SaaS (New Iberia, LA)


Maintenance Intranet (2004-2016)
PHP mySQL SaaS (Houston, TX) served the entire Gulf Of Mexico Rigs for over a decade. Craanes, Compressors, Generators, and other assets that supported the oilfield operations. Supported hundreds of users and platforms with a full staff in our office.


Praxeas- Christian from the third century who affirmed the full deity of Jesus Christ without the traditional influence of polytheism (triune nature), as he stood for the doctrine of the Oneness of God (Duet 6:4, Colossian 2:8-9) as taught by the New Testament. Praxeas was severly persecuted for his Apostolic beliefs, referenced on a treatise from Tertullian called "Against Praxeas", which referred to Praxeas as a heretic. Political religion is a terrible evil in our world.

Our Team

Praxeas makes Perfect


Robley Lejeune

Software Developer (MVC, C#) (Contractor)

Tiffany Richard

Tiffany Richard

Web Design/Software Developer

David Blanchard III

Owner - Software Architect

Jude Blanchard

Jude Blanchard

CyberSecurity Analyst (Contractor)

Brooklyn Blanchard

Brooklyn Blanchard

Graphic/Web Designer

Over two decades of experience with expertise in the following areas:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework (1.1 - Current)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework Core
  • Microsoft SQL Server (7.0 - Current), SSIS and SSRS
  • Oracle 9i - Current
  • mySQL 4.2 - Current
  • php 4 - Current
  • XML, Json, HTTP API
  • Javascript (JQuery, BootStrap, Angular, React, Node)
  • Handle Tech Interviews for potential developers for Tek Systems
  • Managed and Mentored Developers for years
  • Enterprise Architect and Project Management

Clients and Associates

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Located in South Louisiana, USA

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