Description of Services

We provide SaaS Hosted Solutions for our customers. SaaS - "Software as a Service" which means, the customer pays for us to host and take care of all the IT/Techinical Support for development and maintenance of the solution. To use our solution, you simply use a web browser from your device (IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari, etc) and go to the address corresponding to the hosted solution on our servers. Your users have a login to their account, which gives permissions based on the customer's defintion for each account group. This means there is no client installation, you simply login and begin to use our services. Our company also provides friendly (and English speaking) support for our solutions.

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Current solutions in production for our customers:
  • Asset Manager (Cranes, Compressors, etc.)
  • Behavioral Based Safety / Observations (HSE)
  • Preventive Mantainenance
  • Track Samples (Oil, Coolant)
  • Parts Requisition
  • Repairs / Core Log
  • Auto-Email Notifications
  • Crane Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reports
  • Safety Devices Compliance Monthly Reporting
  • Trouble Ticket System
  • Employee Certification Records Tracking

Satisfied Customers

 Axis Compressor, LLC
Arena Offshore
  • SaaS Modules
  • Asset Scheduled Maintenance
  • RunTime, Samples
  • Daily Compressor Reports, Runtime Reports

Linear Controls, LLC
  • SaaS Modules
  • Asset Scheduled Maintenance
  • Maintenance Trouble Tickets
  • Compliance - Environmental Safety Devices (Monthlies)

Sparrows Offshore
  • SaaS Modules
  • Behavioural Based Safety Observation Database
  • Web Application for Observation Cards
  • Reporting on Safe/At Risk Observations

Tek Systems
  • Consulting Services
  • ATC Group
  • West Jefferson Medical Center
  • City of Naperville, IL
  • City of Tallahassee, FL